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Create and Change your TomTom Car Symbol


Now you will be able to create your own car symbols to enhance your TomTom experience. By default TomTom uses a blue arrow to show your current position but with the release of TomTom Navcore 7 you will be able to create or download some very cool car symbols.


Creating your TomTom Car Symbol


The first step to creating your own car symbol is choosing the image that you will edit. Using picture editing software you will need to follow these steps.


This is the image that I choose.


You will need to outline the car shape and white out the background of the image.




Now that the background is white you will need to resize the image to 80 x 80

Then you the to fill in the image background with red (RGB 255,000,000).

Now you have finally completed the prosses, now save it as a .bmp


Uploading your TomTom Car Symbol


You will need to connect your TomTom to your PC, once connected you need to explorer the SD card 

You should find a folder called "art", double click on it

You should find a subfolder called "cars" double click on it

Now simply copy and paste your car symbols onto the folder.


Changing your TomTom Car Symbol (TomTom 720)

Turn ON your TomTom,

then go to the main menu tap on the "Change preferences",

then look for and tap on "Change car symbol"

now look for symbol you want to use.


Changing your TomTom Car Symbol (Older Models)

Find out How


If you want your car symbols uploaded on the site email it to us

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